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Hey there, I'm Joost

Fond of music - Passionate about photography
Likes to get lost in the mountains - Coffee lover

Hello everyone,
welcome to my website.

As I am completely rebuilding this website, I cannot show many things yet.
But I promise you, the new website is going to be prettier than ever.

See you soon!

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About me


Huwelijksfotografie, wedding, photography, JoostVH

Wedding in 2023?

Full booked

I'm selected !!

Communion shoots 2023

So sorry to say but I cannot accept any more marriages in 2023. To ensure quality for weddings, I keep the number of reportages per year limited.

Do you have any plans to get married in 2024? Then you can find all the info here.

All info about the communion shoots 2023 can be found here. Check the info, book your session, get a happy kid.

I'm selected for the 94th collection!!

Read about it.

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